World’s Most Powerful Digital Camera: Construction Underway

With the advent of the holiday season, Christmas and the New Year, I’m sure many photographers have upgraded to newer, fancier, bigger (or smaller) and better cameras.  But no matter the features of your new toy, it can’t match this camera!

As part of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project, the most powerful digital camera ever is now under construction.  That’s right “under construction!”  

It’s very much a “one-of-a-kind” camera build, and is way too large to say it’s being manufactured.  This rendering indicates just how big.


LSST Camera Layout

The camera’s CCD sensor array is big too - 3.2 Gigapixels (that’s Giga, not Mega!).  To get an idea of how large the camera’s sensor array will be, here’s a picture of a 1:1 scale model of the sensor.  This model also illustrates the field of view, about 10 degrees, with the full moon included for reference.


Sensor Array Mock-Up

The telescope that the camera serves has a unique short focal length multi-mirror design, including the largest convex mirror ever made, illustrated here with the camera included.


Telescope Mirrors and Camera

A cut-away view of the camera indicates some of it’s complexity with lenses, changeable filters, and large cooling system and electronics bay behind the sensor.


Camera Cut Away View

The telescope itself is also under construction on a mountain top in Chile.  This image shows a conceptual rendering of the completed facility.  First light is planned for 2020, and full operation will commence during 2022.


For more information on the LSST and it’s remarkable camera please explore the LSST web site, and this article from the camera’s builder at the National Accelerator Laboratory.

Having a background in Astronomy, I find this this new camera pretty amazing. Oh, also worth mentioning, the price tag is astronomical!

Jim Harrison, APS President

Awards Banquet & Masters Competition Results - 2015

Everyone had a great time at our annual awards banquet hosted by Cafe Lily in Decatur, GA the evening of December 10, 2015. Thirty-plus members and guests enjoyed great food, festive drink and fabulous fellowship as we celebrated our members’ 2015 accomplishments.  

Masters “Best in Show” Images

First, here are the winners of “Best of the Year” ribbons for Color, Mono, and Digital images. These are the three best from almost 600 images entered by our members throughout 2015.


Best of the Year Color Print:  Clown Fish at Home by Janerio Morgan


Best of the Year Monochrome Print: Sunrise at the Boneyard by Stan Greenberg


Best of the Year Digital Image: Under the Bridge by Stan Greenberg

Please be sure to admire all twenty-six Masters Competition ribbon winning images (11 digital, 9 color and 6 monochrome) in our Winners Gallery.  Every image is outstanding, representing the top 4.5% of all images entered in our monthly competitions throughout the year.  Pictures of all the ribbon-winning members will soon be available in the Holiday Party portion of the Winners Gallery.

Photographers of the Year Trophies

Next, congratulations to the Atlanta Photographic Society’s Photographers of the Year!

Creative Photographer of the Year - Janerio Morgan


Monochrome Photographer of the Year - Janerio Morgan


Digital Photographer of the Year - Brad Bartee


Color Photographer(s) of the Year - Jim Harrison and Janerio Morgan (tie).


The Photographer of the Year awards recognize the club’s cumulative highest scorers for all their ribbon-winning images entered during the year.


New member Brad Bartee also received our Rookie of the Year Medal as the highest scorer among our first time 2015 members.  

Chris Handley was awarded the Assignment Zone Medal for his array of excellent images from the Society’s field trip to Zoo Atlanta.  This is Chris’s third Assignment Zone Medal, and his second in a row!


The Presentation Medal for the year’s outstanding program went to Mike Shaefer.  Mike has received this honor three years in a row!


Special Awards

The Helene Mewborn Service Award was very special this year!  This award originated during 1992 to recognize meritorious service to our photography club.  That first Service Award went to Helene Mewborn, and this year’s Service Award, 23 years later, also goes to Helene Mewborn, our club’s founder.  Her citation reads:

For her outstanding work as club Treasurer for the past 10 years; her excellent leadership welcoming and transitioning to a new Treasurer during 2015; her always sage advice and counsel for the club’s officers and volunteer leaders; and her superb work over many years archiving and organizing the club’s records and history.


Thank you Helene!

The Greulich Lifetime Achievement Award for long-term contributions to photography and to the Society was also bestowed on two of our outstanding members!

Ruth Gogel - For outstanding contributions to photography and to the Society through: her decades long active membership, her photographic and artistic creativity as recipient of numerous Best In Show honors for both her photographs and other art works, her several decades of outstanding curation of the Society’s annual Salon Exhibition, and her service to the Society as an officer, including Past President of the Society. 


Mario Digirolamo - For outstanding contributions to photography and to the Society through: his decades long active membership, his photographic creativity as five-time consecutive creative photographer of the year, his sharing of his photography with the world through publication of three books highlighting his creative photography, and his always generous spirit in presenting outstanding programs and providing expert judging for Society competitions. 


Big thank-yous go to Al McLeod, our Competition Chair, for his superb organization of all the awards; to Don Stephens for providing the beautiful posters for the auction; to Darryl Neill for donating several fine books for door prizes and his photos of our award winners; and to Helene Mewborn and Denise Stein for their great assistance with the banquet arrangements.

I’m looking forward to another super year for the Atlanta Photographic Society during 2016!  See you in January.

Jim Harrison, President

Salon Exhibition - 2015


The Fire Breather by Mike Shaefer

The Atlanta Photographic Society’s (APS’s) 2015 Salon Exhibition opened October 1 featuring 65 wonderful images by 14 different APS photographers. As you can see by Mike Sharfer’s Honorable Mention winner above, it’s likely the hottest show in town!  Our Salon is presented in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Atlanta’s annual festival of creative image-making.

Congratulations to Mike Shaefer for his Best in Show image below, “The Wrangler,” to all the other award winners (listed below) and to all our participating photographers!  The quality of all the images is outstanding.


The Wrangler by Mike Shaefer

Everyone be sure to visit the show, open till October 28 at UUCA. New for this year, everyone had a lot fun of voting for the People’s Choice awards.  So check out those People’s Choice images, all the award winning photos and the many other excellent entries. Most images are for sale.  Please contact the UUCA Art Committee to purchase your favorites.


Salon Award Winners: Mike, Darryl, Jim B., Shekar, Jim H. and Janerio; Marc was absent.

Here are some folks enjoying the show on a recent Sunday afternoon.


Every image seems to be a conversation starter.


And all the thought provoking photographs are well worth taking the time to study and ponder.


The two judges did a great job discerning the award winners, and Janerio Morgan, our Salon Chair for 2015, deserves all our thanks for his excellent coordination of the show.  The judges were: Dean Stevenson - Atlanta area professional commercial photographer, and graduate of Gwinette Tech’s well-known photography program, and Peter Essick - world renowned nature photographer with dozens of National Geographic stories and several superb books to his credit.  (Peter’s books include: Our Beautiful, Fragile World, and The Ansel Adams Wilderness.)


Judges Dean Stevenson and Peter Essick and Salon Chair - Janerio Morgan

As promised, here is the list of our 2015 Salon Exhibition award winners.

Best in Show     The Wrangler by Mike Shaefer

1st (and Best in Show) - “The Wrangler” - Mike Shaefer
2nd - “The Dog’s Life” - Marc McElhaney
3rd - “Horseback Rumble” - Mike Shaefer
HM - “Chicago from Lincoln Park” - Jim Barbour
HM - “The Fire Breather” - Mike Shaefer
HM - “A Cold Winter Ride” - Mike Shaefer
HM - “Transformation” - Shekar Narayanan
HM - “Whatsup” - Marc McElhaney
HM - “Cumberland Morning” - Jim Harrison
HM - “Expectant” - Janerio Morgan

1st - “Cruise Ships - Grand Turk” - Jim Barbour
2nd - “San Francisco de Asis, Taos” - Darryl Neill
3rd - “Preening Egret” - Janerio Morgan”
HM - “Aruba Rocks” - Jim Barbour

People’s Choice
1st - “Preening Egret” - Janerio Morgan
2nd - “The Wrangler” - Mike Shaefer
3rd - “Transformation” - Shekar Narayanan

Enjoy viewing all the winning images in our 2015 Salon Gallery

Once again, join the crowd, and get to the 2015 APS Salon Exhibition before it’s too late.  The show closes October 28.  


Transformation by Shekar Narayanan

Jim Harrison, APS President

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